Chain Reaction offers a variety of programs as well as community workshops and events. If you're interested in any of our programs, please contact us to learn more!

IMG_3012Earn-a-Bike: In this program, participants have the opportunity to earn a bicycle of their own. Groups will meet two days a week, for two weeks to learn basic maintenance of bicycles and how to repair/replace common parts. Students will gain a sense of confidence for having learned to build something on their own and will enjoy spending their time in a fun and supportive environment among their peers. At the completion of the program, each student will be awarded their own bicycle, helmet, lock, light, and multi-tool and will be a member of the Chain Reaction community.

Learn to Ride: No matter the age or ability of an individual, our Learn to Ride courses will be open to all. We will offer a safe and fun learning environment with supportive coaches. We know that many people may not know how to ride a bike simply due to the lack of opportunity and we aim to make that barrier obsolete. Chain Reaction will provide all the necessary equipment for this exciting course! We will encourage successful participants to join the many additional programs of Chain Reaction.

IMG_2817Bike Safety 101: We want to ensure everyone that rides his or her bike does so in a safe and proper manner. We will begin these classes with indoor instruction before moving to group rides outside. Students will learn the proper hand signals and rules of the road when riding in different environments. Upon completion of this class, students will know how to safely ride in any situation.

High school Internship: These internships will provide hands on training in the shop, providing participants with necessary workplace and professional skills to take with them in their next endeavor. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our internships will offer a unique experience where students will gain skills in a business setting as well as experience the non-profit world. Interested? Contact us!

Youth Bike Club: As our member community grows, we aim to establish a youth bike club for various ages where we will organize ongoing rides throughout Boulder County. This will be an amazing opportunity for children to join a fun, safe, and supportive community of cyclists and have an enjoyable form of exercise with their peers in the beautiful Colorado outdoors!

Maintenance Classes: These single classes will range in topics (e.g. Wheel Truing, Front/Rear Derailleur Adjustments, How to Change a Flat) and will be offered to individuals for a fee (unless they qualify as low-income). Individuals can sign up for classes as they please and learn how to properly maintain and repair their bicycles at home. Visit our Workshops page to sign-up!

Community Rides/Events: We will host regular community rides and events to fundraise, spread awareness, and establish a sense of community among our members. Please check out our calendar of events to see what may be happening in your area!