“We were so fortunate to be introduced to the cycling world at a young age, and that has benefited both of us in many aspects of our lives. Cycling not only provides an enjoyable means of maintaining health and wellbeing, it’s a special way of exploring the natural world, and getting the chance to be environmental stewards and part of a welcoming and supportive community.”


Zach currently works for the University of Colorado, where he uses his deep love and knowledge of the horticulture world to maintain the university grounds. As an experienced horticulturist and bike mechanic for fifteen years, Zach recognizes first-hand the sense of accomplishment one gains from creating something from their own hands. As the Service Manager at Orange Peel Bicycle Shop in Steamboat Springs Colorado, voted one of the top 30 shops in the country, Zach’s passion for cycling grew and his strong desire to share this world with others was established. His expertise of the bike industry, combined with a B.A. in Sustainability Studies and an appreciation of the natural world, equips him with the skills necessary to make Chain Reaction’s vision a reality.

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Meghan, Director of Operations at Natural Capitalism Solutions, has the functional know-how and rich experience to don different hats and bring a unique perspective, with the knowledge of the non-profit sector, to Chain Reaction. With effective management and administrative skills, earned from her work at a globally recognized non-profit and at research institutes such as Desert Research Institute, Storm Peak Laboratory, and ACZ Laboratories, Meghan has what it takes to make Chain Reaction a success for the community. She received her B.A. from the University of Colorado-Boulder in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies and is a Bard College MBA in Sustainability 2018 Candidate. Meghan’s love of mountain biking and passion for sustainability, along with her desire to make sure all children have the same opportunities she had, led her to create Chain Reaction.

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  Chain Reaction is a project of Natural Capitalism Solutions